Discover the Secret to Attracting
1000 Fresh Responsive Leads a Month
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From: Jenn Glidden, Internet Marketer

To: You IF you're tired of struggling to generate high-quality buyer leads even though you've bought all the "make millions on penny clicks" traffic courses.

Are you wondering what the secret to new leads flooding your auto-responder is?

Have you tried to drive traffic in the past, only to get a whole lot of clicks and no leads?

Or maybe you've sick of paying money to generate leads,
only to have them unsubscribe after 2 or 3 mailings?

Are you looking around at other people and wondering how
they have leads pouring in and converting sales every day,
while you can't figure out how to get a single subscriber?

Are you downright frustrated by lead generation and about to throw in the towel?

Before you do that, there is hope!

Believe me, I'm familiar with the struggles of lead generation.

I was relentlessly posting and paying for ads,
only to have a list of subscribers who replied with rude comments,
weren't serious about building a business,
and didn't even have money to buy.

People say that "The money is in the list"

but it isn't always true.

The money is in the right kind of list.

The list of your subscribers who know, like and trust you.

Your list that people WANT to be on.

So how can you create that list?

Over the last few years, I have been tirelessly testing traffic sources,
running my own ads, posting articles and videos,

to figure out what the real secret of lead generation is.

And believe me, it isn't what the gurus are teaching.

Imagine sending an email and actually receiving legitimate questions
from your subscribers as they as asking for guidance about what to buy from you.

Or hearing from them about the success that your products
and information are making in their lives.

It really can happen.

I've seen it first hand for myself and my students.

The method that I've discovered not only simplifies
the back-end of your business and makes it more profitable,
it's achievable for anyone.

Because it is so effective, I decided to share it with others
so that you too can start generating leads and making more money.

Wouldn't it be nice to find your own reliable, steady flow of leads
that you weren't having to shout louder than your competition?

I will teach you how to find leads and be the only one vying for people's attention
so that they see you as the solution.

Would it be helpful to learn how to get started without an existing list?

No experience is necessary.

This isn't a one-size fits all "get 1000 leads from facebook tomorrow" offer.

I don't think that's realistic, at least on day one.

What I am willing to teach you is a system to realistically
identify and start generating steady, quality leads
day after day, starting today.

If this is something that would make a difference in your business,
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When you choose to get the training today,

you will be receiving direct, to-the-point

audio instruction that you can download and

listen to wherever you are.

As you listen, I share specific assignments

that will enable you to start generating leads today.

There is also a guide to a variety of platforms,

so you'll create a lead generation plan

specifically crafted for your target market.

Lead generation doesn't have to be as difficult as it seemed in the past.

In fact, it can even become fun!

I've demystified the process in a straight-forward training
and am offering to share that training with you today.

Now if you haven't purchased yet,
it's either because you have plenty of leads
flooding your auto-responder ever day
or you're concerned about the investment.

Let's face it, high level traffic training such as this
is not readily shared by the gurus.

They'd rather sell you on one specific method that
likely won't work for you so that you can keep coming
back to buy the next training on the next source.

I don't think that's fair to you.

So that's why I'm sharing this strategy AND
offering it at a price you can afford.

Now if I were to sit down and teach you one-on-one,
it would cost $500 for my time, because in addition to the training,
you'd have specific questions you'd want answers to.

People have told me that this training alone could be worth
$1,500 or more the first month alone for the results it can
help you create from 1000 leads and resulting sales.

While I love helping people grow their business and
get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the results from
individual coaching, I recognize that many people
would rather invest less and receive a recording you can
listen to again and again.

So, I created that recording and am making it available
for the one time price of $7.95.

Why so low?

Really, it's because I want to see you succeed.

I know that after listening to this training,
you can start generating leads today.

And when you do that, everyone wins.

Your customers win, you win, and I win because I served you well
and you decide to come back to me for more training.

In addition to the downloadable audio training and traffic source summary,
I will also include 60 days of unlimited email support.

As you're working through the material
and generating leads, you may have questions.

Not only do I read my own emails,
I personally respond to them too.

I won't charge you my normal consulting rate,
you can email me questions whenever you require assistance.

Your success is my success.

So let's get started and take your business to the next level.

Still here?

Me too.

Have you considered how 1,000 responsive people
on your list would transform your business?

If 10% became buyers, that's an extra 100 sales a month?

Even if only 5% converted to buyers, that's still an extra sale or two a day,
just in the first month.

Would that justify all the time you've spent struggling so far?

Would you finally feel validated for holding onto your dreams and refusing to quit?

How would more regular sales change your life?

Would you be able to finally spend more time with the people you love?
Or take that vacation you've been dreaming of for years?
Or move to that place you've always wanted to live?

That's really what it's all about.

You can take your dreams off the shelf now and dust them off.

It's time to start living them.

That's why I'm still here.

I know that you can use this information to change your life.

The only question right now is "Will you?"

Well friend, it's decision time.

You can take hold of your better future and
use this exclusive method to find your untapped lead sources,
or you can stay stuck.

The ball is in your court now. What's your next move?

I'll be here when you're ready.